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Belly fat & lose skin?

Im often asked how do I not have lose skin especially around my stomach. I was almost 240 lbs, have 2 kids & battle Lupus & Hypothyroidism so my body (& skin) dont recover like a normal person. 

Here's what I did to help:

Keep my nutrition in check. Yall, you can be a beast in the gym but if you eat like The Beast at home, youre only working against yourself. You don't have to be extreme either! I do this 🥴🤢 when I hear low carb dieting. Macros & fasting helped me get these abs.

‍Cardio + weights = perfect recipe! If you do cardio alone, you're risking losing your curves. If you do weights alone, youll sculpt but will still have a layer of fat over those muscles. Doing both will help you reduce the chances of having belly fat & lose skin. 

Drink more water. Skip the detoxes! Seriously. Stop the shakes, juicing, pills, potions, lotions 🧪 Can you buy these expensive products for the rest of your life? Stop wasting your money & drink more water. 

‍Wear a waist trainer when doing cardio! This will not help you burn fat however it will help with lose skin and water retention. Think about running without a bra The skin around your belly area is doing the same thing Help keep it in place by wearing a faja. Be sure to wear it under your clothes too! Here are a few I recommend.

The first link is great for cardio because of the material. I wore the corset type of waist trainer to bed. Think about it, you lay flat and are asleep for 5-8 hours a night as opposed to wearing to work and having these damn wires poke you in the boobs or hips. Ouch! Youll wake up to a flatter stomach and motivation to keep it that way!

Trust the process! When I first started losing weight, I had the sad belly button and my skin did start to sag but the sooner you do something about it, the sooner you'll see results.

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